Welcome to the Raj Estates' Blog

Welcome to the Raj Estates blog!

This blog is all about my current project, situated near Kodaikanal,the Princess of Hill Stations. Kodaikanal literally meaning 'Gift of the Forest', is one of the most popular and scenic hill stations in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Estate bunglow shot from the uppumedu methu,a view point at perumalmalai. ;

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Water falls [Video]

View from the open shed. Waters from the Shola Forest, one of the boundaries, fall within the estate and give an exotic view.


Arabica coffee
Passion fruit

Tree  Tomatoes

Valley View

The house is nestled between hills and has an exquisite view of the valley from all the four sides.

Backyard view from the ground floor.
East facing view
Front view from the first floor.
The Living Room  


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Property for Sale

Ideal for
Eco Resorts,Educational Institutions,Oraganic Farming.

Addukam Village, Kodaikanal Thaluk, Dindigul District,
Tamil Nadu, South India.

Perumal Malai to Kodaikanal Ghat road
9 km to Kodaikanal
2.5 km to Silver Falls

1650 metres approx.

North by – Brook 1000 mt length [approx.]
South by – Kodaikananl Ghat Road
West by  -  Tiger Shola Forest

Total Area:    50 acres

Patta Land: 30 acres [approx.]

·        Furnished 6-bedroom bungalow with hall, dining room, kitchen, attached bathroom, sit-out areas, waterfall at the back yard, excellent view, 3-phase power connection, approx. 5000 sq ft.
·        Caretaker room plus attached bathroom.
·        2 bedroom house, attached bathroom, granite flooring, kitchen and dining room, approx. 1000 sq ft, located at the centre of the coffee estate, 3-phase power connection.
·        3 labour rooms and a store room, 1000 sq ft drying yard, pulper, washer, 5 HP diesel engine.
·        6 labour houses , 1 cow shed, 1 store room in banana area.
·        Open shed for falls view.
·        4 borewells for water, 1 fitted with submersible pump

·        Bungalow and the main road, connected at present by an 8 ft cement road.

Total area covered by 4 wheel drive off-road
2.5 km [approx.]

Waterfalls: Total – 3
·        Silver Oak: 1300 nos.,    worth Rs. 2 crore, approx.
·        Jackfruit: 100 nos.
·        Butter fruit [Avocado]: 200 nos.
·         Shenbagam tree [Michaelia champaca]: 10 nos.
·        Oranges: 1000 nos.
·        Pears: 100 nos.
·        Plums: 1000 nos.
·        Rudraksha tree [Elaeocarpus ganitrus Roxb]: 5 nos.

Organic Coffee area: 20 acres + 20 acres

Banana area 30 acres

Vegetable Area

Income from Coffee: Yearly average 10 -15 tonnes
                     Banana: 8 lakh pieces
                     Plums  : 3 tonnes per year
                  Avocado : 2 tonnes per year
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